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    Facing criminal charges can be an overwhelming and frightening experience, but finding the right Chippewa Falls criminal lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Choosing the right Chippewa Falls criminal lawyer is crucial to navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system and ensuring a favorable outcome. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of finding the best Chippewa Falls criminal lawyer and provide helpful tips on what to consider during your search.

    Our Verdicts Reflect How Much We Care

    Hire an attorney that has a proven track record of the results you want to see.  If your lawyer just doesn’t have the time to put 100% of their effort into your case, keep shopping.

    State vs. Citizen Accused of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault
    Chippewa County vs. Citizen Accused of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault and Attempted Sexual Assault of a Child Attorney Mullen with the Mullen, Schlough & Associates SChad a client charged with sexual assault crimes. During the numerous hearings before trial, the victim recited her version of the incident at the onset. The story changed every time. By the time of trial, she stated the version she gave during the preliminary hearing was wrong. Additionally Attorney Mullen established a third-party defendant, establishing another might have committed the act. The defendant was quickly found not guilty by a jury. ***Not Guilty Jury Verdict***
    State vs. Citizen Accused of Battery by an Inmate and 2nd Degree Sexual Assault
    Chippewa County vs. Citizen Accused of Battery by an Inmate and 2nd Degree Sexual Assault The State could not show our client physically assaulted a fellow inmate during a preliminary hearing. Upon suggestion a continuance would be granted in order to allow the State time to prepare their case, he convinced the court not to allow it thereby ending the prosecution of the alleged felony. Immediately afterwards at the next preliminary hearing scheduled that day, Attorney Mullen established a sexual assault was not committed by showing the elements of the crime were not met. Within thirty minutes, Attorney Mullen had won two preliminary hearings ending two felony cases. ***2 Felonies Dismiss By The Court Within 45 Minutes***
    State vs. Citizen Accused of Substantial Battery
    Eau Claire County vs. Citizen Accused of Substantial Battery The client was charged with Substantial Battery. Attorney Mullen was able, through his knowledge of the court process and how the system actually works, to get the case totally dismissed. ***Case Dismissed By Court***

    What People Say About Us

    There really is one hallmark of a good criminal defense attorney: whether in Chippewa Falls, WI, Chippewa County or anywhere else is communication skills with a defendant pinpointing a strong defense addressing your legal needs. Criminal lawyers know not only a set of criminal offense codes, but a lawyer communicates the criminal law to their clients in a way that makes sense and give a better understanding of local state or federal crimes, whether misdemeanor or felony, to everyone.

    Online Research and Reviews

    Utilizing legal directories such as Avvo, Justia, and LegalZoom is one of the most effective methods for researching and evaluating criminal defense law firms online. These directories provide ratings, reviews, and disciplinary records for attorneys practicing in various areas. By researching online reviews and ratings, you can gain valuable insight into the quality of service offered by various firms.

    It is important to remember that while online reviews and ratings can be helpful, they should not be the sole basis for your decision. Make sure to also consider the attorney’s experience, expertise, and success rate in cases similar to yours.

    Personal Recommendations

    Requesting personal recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues is an effective approach to finding a suitable lawyer. When searching for a lawyer who is suitable for your case, you should seek personal recommendations from people you trust. When requesting recommendations, it is essential to inquire about the individual’s experience with the attorney and the result of their case.

    OWI Case
    Attorney - Mark Mullen
    “I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a 2nd chance in life. I was able to overcome the accident, and because of the plea deal that I received, I was able to start over and get my life back. At first, it was hard getting a job, but (some company) gave me an opportunity as an agent, and I’m making the most of it. I hope that the other clients that you serve can be helped as much as you helped me. Thanks Again.”
    - Collen Risher
    OWI Case – ’12
    Attorney - Scott Schlough
    ” Back in December 2012 I was charged with a 2nd offence D.U.I. due to a vehicle crash I created while driving drunk. The next morning after being let out of jail I went across the street to Mullen, Schlough & Associates. I presented my case to Attorney Scott Schlough and Attorney Mark Mullen.  They took action right away, both Attorneys filed a motion with the DMV of Wisconsin to preserve my drivers license. "
    - Rob Ciotti
    OWI Case
    Attorney - Mark Mullen
    “I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out when you did. It now has been 3 years since I had gotten arrested and found you. I am thankful that you helped me and the whole experience has changed my life for the better and now I am helping out other people that were in my shoes to help turn their life better. Again, thank you for defending me. God Bless”

    - Ruth Fane

    Why Our Attorneys Are The Best Choice

    Good criminal attorneys and public defenders are key if you are ever facing Chippewa Falls or Chippewa County criminal charges. Every state has different categories for these criminal statutes. This is why hiring a good criminal lawyer is important.

    Private attorneys, more specifically, criminal defense attorneys at Mullen, Schlough & Associates criminal defense law firm center their practice area around criminal law. A criminal lawyer should search for evidence and witnesses that will help your defense during the trial, research the elements of the crime and show the court, prosecutor and jury why they do fit a defendant’s case.  That’s what a lawyer is paid to do.

    Call us at 715-723-7160 and we will discuss in detail the Chippewa County defense attorney services we provide, why one should get a lawyer for their first misdemeanor criminal charge or repeater or felony charges, and hiring a Chippewa Falls criminal lawyers near you.

    We will also discuss what to consider when deciding if you need a lawyer for a misdemeanor charge Chippewa County. Finally, we will provide helpful tips on how best to choose a Chippewa Falls criminal & criminal defense attorney that is right for you. We are a criminal defense law firm in Chippewa Falls, WI. We know your criminal case and the legal issue and legal rights you are about to face.

    Expertise in the Criminal Justice System

    A criminal lawyer should demonstrate proficiency in various areas, including communication, analysis, interpersonal relations, problem-solving, criminal law, and the criminal justice system. An experienced criminal defense lawyer should be detail-oriented, organized, and possess strong writing and research capabilities. They should demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and the ability to effectively manage its complexities.

    To find a criminal defense lawyer who possesses these qualities, you can use online directories, personal recommendations, or research local law firms. It is essential to choose a lawyer who is well-versed in the criminal justice system and can navigate it effectively, as the outcome of your case depends on their expertise.

    Track Record of Success

    A good criminal defense attorney should possess a demonstrated history of success in defending clients facing criminal charges in various criminal cases. When selecting a criminal lawyer, it is beneficial to assess their success rate in cases similar to yours, as well as their experience and history of achieving favorable results for clients.

    A proficient criminal defense attorney should demonstrate a successful record of defending clients against criminal charges and navigating complex legal issues. This could encompass a high rate of success in cases comparable to yours, as well as expertise and a history of generating positive results for clients. A lawyer’s track record of success can be a strong indicator of their ability to handle your case effectively.

    The Role of Character Witnesses and Plea Bargains in Your Criminal Case

    Character witnesses and plea bargains can play an important role in your criminal case. To ensure the best possible outcome, it is crucial to find a lawyer who is familiar with both aspects.

    A skilled attorney will know how to effectively utilize character witnesses and negotiate plea bargains to your advantage.

    Utilizing Character Witnesses

    Character witnesses can offer significant testimony that may be beneficial to a defendant’s case. When selecting character witnesses, it is important to consider their ability to recount a story that supports the defendant’s positive narrative. Additionally, it is beneficial for them to present a neat appearance and appropriate attire, and demonstrate professionalism, trustworthiness, and impartiality.

    Friends and family are typically the most frequent character witnesses seen in court proceedings. It is essential that your attorney is well-versed in the effective utilization of character witnesses, as their testimony can provide valuable insight into your character and help to bolster your defense.

    Negotiating Plea Bargains

    Plea bargains are arrangements between the prosecution and the defense wherein the defendant consents to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a reduced sentence or other considerations. In order to negotiate a successful plea bargain, it is essential to demonstrate respect for the prosecutor, assess the merits and shortcomings of your case, set achievable objectives, and engage the services of a competent negotiator as your legal representative.

    Additionally, it is important to be prepared for the negotiation and to be open to compromise without compromising your standards. A skilled negotiator can provide insight into your case and the prosecutor’s position, enabling you to set realistic goals and prepare for the negotiation.

    When approaching a plea bargain, it is critical to ensure that your attorney has experience in negotiating such agreements, as their expertise can greatly impact the outcome of your case.

    Self-representation in criminal court can be risky, as one wrong statement could lead to a guilty verdict. The implications of a criminal conviction can be severe, especially for a serious criminal offense, potentially affecting future opportunities, professional licensing, employment, housing, and even immigration consequences for non-U.S. citizens.

    What to Expect During Your Initial Consultation with a Chippewa Falls Criminal Defense Lawyer

    our initial consultation with a Chippewa Falls criminal defense lawyer should include a discussion of your case and an assessment of the attorney’s approach. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, provide comprehensive information about your case, and evaluate the attorney’s strategies and experience in handling similar cases.

    Discussing Your Case

    During the consultation, it is imperative to be honest and provide comprehensive information about your case to the attorney. Present all pertinent documents and communicate your objectives clearly. Additionally, compile a list of questions to ask the lawyer and articulate your objectives for the case and what you would like to avoid during the consultation.

    By providing all the necessary information and discussing your case thoroughly, you can ensure that your attorney has a clear understanding of your situation and can provide the most effective representation possible.

    Assessing the Attorney’s Approach

    To assess a criminal lawyer’s approach to your case, it is advisable to have a face-to-face meeting with them to effectively evaluate your case and gain a thorough comprehension of all the details. Evaluate the attorney’s strategies and approach to ensure they are taking the appropriate measures to ensure a successful outcome.

    You can gain further insight into the attorney’s approach by consulting their website or reviewing online reviews. Ultimately, it is essential to choose an attorney whose approach aligns with your goals and expectations for your case.

    Short Summary

    • It is essential to choose a Chippewa Falls criminal defense attorney with expertise in the criminal justice system and a proven track record of success.
    • Research online reviews, seek personal recommendations, and assess an attorney’s approach during initial consultation when selecting the right lawyer for your case.
    • Win jury trials or negotiate plea bargains with experienced legal counsel to ensure best possible outcome for your criminal case.
    Mark Mullen

    Mark R. Mullen

    Managing Partner – Business Operations

    Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

    OWI Defense
    Mobile: (715) 828-4780

    Attorney Mark Mullen spends most of his time managing Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. He uses his business education along with extensive knowledge of everyday law firm operations combined with 10 years courtroom experience to insure attorneys with the firm provide quality legal representation. In addition, he believes and strives to insure successful attorneys start with an organized office environment with highly trained and experienced staff providing attorneys to have only one issue on their minds: winning the case.

    Scott S. Schlough

    Scott S. Schlough

    Managing Partner – Legal Services

    Menomonie, Wisconsin

    Criminal Defense & OWI Defense
    Mobile: (715) 821-1287

    Attorney Schlough attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where he studied Political Science and Communications. He also had to opportunity to complete two internships in the Minnesota government, first with the Minnesota House of Representatives and then with former Governor Tim Pawlenty. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he immediately enrolled in law school at William Mitchell College of Law. While at William Mitchell, Attorney Schlough was active in the Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity and was also president of the Ski and Snowboard club at William Mitchell. He is licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

    Common DUI Defense Questions

    At Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. our Eau Claire, WI DUI attorneys or criminal defense lawyer team focuses on being able to provide expert legal advice on all matters related to Eau Claire, Eau Claire, La Crosse and Eau Claire County Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicate (DWI) and Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) criminal law issues. You need to know WI Eau Claire or Eau Claire County DUI penalties and fines, DUI laws, the
    legal system, potential jail time, any surrounding DUI DWI alcohol drunk driving charges or drug issues with other criminal offense matters you may be facing and a potential DUI conviction.

    Your criminal record, guilty verdicts, license suspension, driver’s license issues, constitutional rights like the right to remain silent and probable cause for a stop, drugs search, field sobriety test results, blood alcohol content results, driving privileges, probation revocation and other motor vehicle questions need to be addressed by a Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Eau Claire County or La Crosse County Wisconsin DUI defense lawyer with extensive knowledge and extensive experience of criminal law relating to DUI defense.

    We want to give a better understanding of Wisconsin DUI charge legal issues and law like valid field sobriety tests versus invalid field sobriety tests, blood test result issues, a valid constitutional arrest versus an unconstitutional arrest, what’s really in your best interest and whether to avoid jail time if you have to suffer a life of a criminal record with criminal chargesor criminal cases you might not be guilty. You need to know the ramifications of the Wisconsin DUI charges before you take the criminal charge plea bargain. Get a better understanding of Wisconsin law ramification before you determine the evidence.

    What Type of Cases Do We Handle

    Call us at 715-723-7160 and we will discuss in detail the Chippewa County, Eau Claire County WI criminal defense, law school, offense, defense and law school criminal defense attorney services we provide, why one should or SHOULD NOT get a first ever lawyer, a criminal defense, law school criminal defense, law school criminal defense or, law school and offense lawyer after being arrested for your first Wisconsin OWI charge, legal issue, repeater crime or felony crime charges based on the facts of your case.

    Why Our Flexible Flat Fee Prices and Payment Plans Fit Your Situation, Makes Sense and Meet Your Best Interest

    Facing a DUI charge can be financially burdensome for defendants, which is why attorneys say it’s essential to have clients explore affordable legal representation, bail, trial and bail options.

    Flat Fee Pricing

    Flat fee pricing for Wisconsin DUI attorneys refers to a fixed amount defendants pay upfront to handle the entirety of a DUI case. This amount typically ranges from $3,00 to $7,500, depending on the lawyer’s experience and reputation. The benefits of flat fee pricing include the assurance of being aware of the overall cost of the case in advance, as well as the potential to plan for the cost of legal representation. The drawbacks include the possibility for the lawyer to be less committed to work on the case if the fee is already paid, in addition to the possibility for the lawyer to be less inclined to negotiate a lower fee.

    Payment Plan Options

    Our Wisconsin DUI attorneys and lawyers may offer payment plans that range from $150 to $500 per defendant per month, providing more affordable options. Payment plans can be tailored to suit defendants needs and can be paid via check or credit card. Consult with a DWI or DUI attorney to determine if payment plans are available and what options may be best suited for your financial situation.

    Our Prices & Payment Plans

    Criminal Defense


    Starting at $6000
    Half Required Down Before We Start
    Criminal Defense


    Starting at $4500
    Half Required Down Before We Start
    OWI/DUI Defense

    1st to 3rd

    Starting at $4500
    Half Required Down Before We Start
    OWI/DUI Defense


    Starting at $6000
    Half Required Down Before We Start

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